Reset theme like original

Hi everyone I need some help.
I made too many changes and now I don’t know how to go back.
I would simply like to reset the frontend to the default settings for everything related to colors… in short, the original default theme.
How can I do?
Thanks for the help

Developer tools, services, set theme. Provide default as the name

which would only set the default theme to the “backend_selected” option.
If he made changes in a custom theme - and want still to use the custom theme - except the new color options, this would require to delete all icon color options from the custom theme.

then, the theme SHOULD fall back to the default colors for icons.

But without having the theme “code”, it’s nearly impossible to guide…

Yes, I loaded the default theme but… I’ll give you an example of what happens to me
this is a lamp off…ok
this is the lamp on… it should be yellow by default
I noticed that the stie --state-icon-active-color :yellow is missing

then, other colors that don’t change for switch… etc etc
I don’t know what else could have changed, and I wanted to reset everything to the initial state

it is very unlikely that the value is missing in the default(!) theme.
Because this can’t be modified afaik.

So, we need to know, if you are using a custom theme that has been adapted to use these colors, or if you have loaded the default theme… (and if: have you cleared your browser cache?)

it is very unlikely that the value is missing in the default(!) theme.
How can I restore the default theme?
For now I have created a default_1 theme and the light work
state-icon-active-color: “#FBCD41
But shitch …Bbho

there is are different var for the icon round in black
I cleared browser cache more then one time

the button
thith default_1 theme

how did you create the “default_1” theme?
That would mean, that you are using a custom theme right now.

can you open the “themes” folder and show us, what themes are available there?
Because the default HA theme should not be available there for any modification.

i tried to create a theme with the same name as default but it didn’t work and i created the new one default_1 with a var state-icon-active-color: “#FBCD41
but there is the switch icon state that i showed before which is not working… weird for me. Is switch var in frontend different from var in pop up?
if I don’t find a solution to restore the default I can fix the themes by adding the values in default_1.
tnk for your time

hm… it could be, that this is your problem.

Any new Theme you are creating should not be called default.
I don’t know, if this caused issues and mabye overwrite parameters from the “original” default theme.

Check the content of your Themes folder:

There should be no “default” theme - only the themes that you have created by yourself or downloaded.

To come back to a defined way - I would delete all themes that you have created manually (or maybe - all themes)
Then - restart HA - and check, if you can select the default theme again.
Check, if the “light” behaves correct again…

The issue with using the Service “Frontend Set Theme”:

As you can see, the HA default Theme does not appear in the list, because the default is not a Theme that is available in the Themes folder.
So it should be applied when no custom themes are available.

I commented out the line theme in configuration.yaml
To be safe I renamed the theme folder to the config folder.
I cleared the cache from chrome browser.
Rebooted the core.
After that

Doesn’t work, still the same bug.
I opened with microsoft adge and also the app … nothing to do.

I tried the default.yaml file for themes after the problem, that wasn’t the cause.
Afret try i deleted the file

I return to the default_1 thema by inserting the things that don’t work.
I have no other ideas.

strange thinks
these is my folder and configuration
and this is the menu themes
i don’t have “No theme”
But appear “Backend-selected” and “default” plus

hm… that’s really odd.
I thought it might be that you have a broken custom theme saved as default - but it seems, that your default theme might really be somehow corrupted…

What version you are running right now?
Maybe, it would help if you restore a backup (if you have one) … or maybe, another update could fix your default theme…

what type card is that?

core button card shows fine in default:

custom:button-card does the black:

and has an open issue for that.

you can add the color: auto-no-temperature config option to it, and it will take the actual color, but only if the light supports that

all in all, probably nothing to do with your theme, but with button-card

btw, you can NOT override the default: theme as Christoph said above. you can however create an adjusted theme, based on default, with only some changes:

Default adjusted:

  <<: *generic

  background-color-on: var(--primary-color)
  background-color-off: var(--card-background-color)

  background-opacity-on: rgba(var(--primary),0.8)
  background-opacity-off: rgba(var(--card-background),0.8)

  text-color-on: var(--card-background-color)
  text-color-off: var(--primary-color)

  icon-color-on: var(--accent-color)
  icon-color-off: var(--primary-color)

  active-color: var(--accent-color)

  accent_color: var(--state-icon-active-color)

  primary: 3,168,243
  card-background: 255,255,255

this injects some generic settings, and the colors below that, which I use in my config. the rest will be like default as HA sets that, and you cn select that in your frontend with a card like this:

no need to restart after creating or editing those themes. simply do a Reload themes (hit c key and type theme)

tnk Mariusthvdb
the probem about custom:button-card is really.
The lights are simple mqtt ligth whitout temperarute.
If I insert color: auto-no-tempera or auto doest work.
If i load a custom theme whith line state-icon-active-color: "#FBCD41" it work normaly also whitout settig color in custom:button-card.
Other error outside custom:button-card
These is an example, a normal entity card whith an automation an input_button
On or Off they remaing color blu.
If i open info card of entity the icon color are different for the same entity

there is are different var for the icon round in black?
I can solve for the moment by putting the var in my momentary theme

I have to understand
I think somewhere I’ve inserted something with card-mode` or… something I’ve moved is producing these effects