Reset wifi, lost access to remote access to HA

Hi everyone. I reset my home wifi (same SSID and password) but have now lost remote access to HA. I use Nabu Casa for my HA instance in the cloud. Any thought on what I need to do in order to regain remote access? Thank you in advance everyone!

Are you running HA in the cloud ? Or how are you running HA ? Connected with cable or using WiFi ?

Yes, I am running HA in the cloud and I have my Raspberry Pi connected to my home network with an ethernet cable.

Did you try to reboot ?

To be clear, you say you are running on ethernet - have you always run on ethernet or did you switch because the wifi wasn’t working anymore?

Reboot the router?

I have always been connected through ethernet. I reset my home WiFi and now the app on my phone doesn’t work and I cannot access through a browser when I am not home.

So you still can connect at home ?

Yes, I can connect from my web browser when I am home.