Residential Door Opener

I am in the process of setting up HA to automate a few functions around the house to make life easier for my wife who has ALS. I have zwave switches, thermostat, ir blaster to control the Bidet using both lovelace buttons and Fibaro The Button.

I am looking for a front door opener that I can integrate with HA. I have found open sesame and Auto Slide, but not a HA integration for either. I see that Auto Slide is WiFi control by an app, but using only your eyes to control a tablet is difficult to keep switching between apps to do different things.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I will respond to this post, however I am a bit slow with all that is on my plate.

Thank you

Hi Len, I am doing exactly the same in my house as I have MS and am trying to lift as much as possible off my wife’s shoulders, so far all lights, locks, TV’s, doors etc have been done, for the front door I did it myself using a simple 12v RF triggered actuator from Amazon, this fitted very easily I then using a broadlink RF4 Pro I can trigger it trough pretty much anything. On the back door I have a ES32 half way up the path and when I phone hits that it starts opening the door. Thinking of a solution for the front door now, at the moment it opens when I trigger the lock.

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Andrew. What motor or system are you using to physically open the door? Is the actuator to unlatch the door or to actually swing the door open? I ask Autoslide about an integration to a controller and they have a RS485 MODBUS connection. That will require additional hardware an being hardwired. It seems that their wireless solution will require changing to the app that will communicated from the Tobii to the internet then back into the home to hit the controller who will send a Bluetooth signal to open the door.

Hi Len,

I open the latch using a Yale Z-Wave lock then the door is swung open using the actuator, however these actuator are some “locked-in” Sorry that’s the only way I can describe it, you can’t open the door manually Here is the link to what I bought.


Thank you for your assistance