RESTful API with Home Assistant Cloud

I’ve recently switched to using Home Assistant Cloud for Remote UI, and I’ve stopped port forwarding on my router. Now I’m not sure how to get my IFTTT webhooks working for updating some sensor templates using RESTful API.

Can anyone help?

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Use the name that was given in the configuration screen.

Usually called something like
Use that url instead.

Thanks for your response.
For https://<address> I get a 401 authentication error.

Must be:


Does anyone get this working? I’m also looking for a solution to get the state of a sensor via the rest api with the Nabu Casa Cloud.

Thank you

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Reviving this thread because I got the POST version of this RESTful function to work with the remote link from Nabu Casa and I don’t see any updates showing it ever got solved.

The link should use the following format:

I haven’t tested it but I imagine changing to GET may be necessary for checking sensor states. It works for sure with services/cover/|close|stop