Restore backup from less than zero

Hi, my installtioin no longer obtains an IP…I dunno…how do I access the snapshots to restore and start over? I am looking at files on the SD card via this PC and see nothing, I can not use Samba on the R Pi as its not getting an IP so i have no access.

Help please

You could connect the pi itself to a keyboard and monitor and then login through the command line. You could then use nmcli to see what’s going on (look up nmcli, home assistant, ip and you’ll probably find a good guide).

You could also check on your router’s admin panel and see if maybe its ip address has just changed.

In the future you should download your snapshots to another location. I do this before any update, and before I really muck with things. If you’re okay with Google drive there’s a nice add on that automates this process.


Thank you for your reply.

Says CLI not running, could not load journal, says jump into emergency console…looking into this, researching…photo of screen attached…