Restore from Backup (raspi) to HAOS fails

I today backuped my raspi homeassistant with version 2023.09.03 installed. No beta versions or something similar.
I installed HAOS on Proxmox host and trying to restore my backup.
The webinterface ist spinning for an etenity.
THe supervisor log shows:
‘Error (MainThread) [supervisor.backup.manager] Backup was made on supervisor version 2023.09.3.dev1402, can’t restore on 2023.09.2. Must update supervisor first.’

‘Core info:
version 2023.9.3
version_latest: 2023.9.3’

Any ideas how to restore my backup`

Does it not display Supervisor and operating system version?

Home Assistant 2023.9.3
Supervisor 2023.09.2
Operating System 10.5
Frontend 20230911.0 - latest

all versions I was looking at have been on 2023.9.3
the new system has Operating system 10.5
the old one wasn HAOS

Seems solved.
I created a new backup without password.
I used the google drive backup addon with a password.

I’ll contact the developer.