Restore HassIO from only SD Card

My Raspberry Pi instance took a dump and wouldn’t connect to internet via wifi, ethernet, etc, essentially I have no way to access it remotely. I pulled the SD card and mounted it in OSX using ext4fuse, so I have access to all the partitions. How can I use this to reinstall HassIO, hopefully get a working setup, then restore all my previous information? I can access the backups folder within the old installation, but unfortunately my actual backups created from HomeAssistant are fairly out of date.

No you do it the other way around. Extract your current data from the sd card, then reinstall hassio from scratch, then restore the files you just extracted.

All of /config is a good place to start in terms of what to extract.

Forget backup folder and snapshots and stuff.
Take what you need from your card. Config folder and stuff.

Reinstall hassio and start putting your stuff back.

I do a manual backup every month at least via samba.

Never liked the snapshot option due for the fact it saves the backup on the SD card. If the card crashes, it will, you’ll loose EVERYTHING.

Back up daily, throw out the oldest one of the last 7 every day. Then you have a week of backups.

Ok thanks for the help. So essentially if I create a new install and then copy everything from the /config folder onto the new one, that will restore my previous setup?

I believe everything you want is in /config. Make you get all hidden directories.

That’s why you use the Dropbox or gdrive addon to back up remotely. Snapshots work great.


I will actually check that out… Is there a way to push/pull it to my NAS directly? I do that manually today

I use a schedule in windows to pull all but last 5 off the Dropbox folder and copy to another hard drive location - otherwise Dropbox fills up.

Du you actually copy your config folder or just the snapshot.
I can’t find the snapshot in my config folder…

Back up the directory in full.

I thought you said your snapshots were out of date anyway?

Snapshots are in /backup not /config