Restored Entities Explanation

I looked around a bit, and I can’t seem to find a clear explanation of what an entity that shows its state as “restored” means. It’s a bit troublesome as well because it seems a lot of integrations want to manage their own entities at times.

A prime example is the Emby integration. This darn thing creates an entity with a name it wants, and at random, it seems to make a new entity with a “_2” after the same name and the original shows “restored”. So if I make a dashboard car out of the original entity, one day the card is missing because the entity doesn’t exist anymore.

Why are things showing “restored” and should I just delete them?

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today i also asked me that question, mainly because it is shown as a red notification, like it is an error…
I also would be very interested on an answer )

“Restored” entities are present in your Home Assistant Storage Registry (they have been discovered in the past) but are not currently available/present/discoverable.

Yes it is safe to remove them. e.g. After deleting a YAML configured automation with an id or a YAML script I have to remember to also delete the restored entity.


The only confusing part is when (in Emby for example), the “resored” entities seem to sometimes be other users who connect to my server. The might show as “restored” right now, but when my buddy turns his media player back on and reconnects, isn’t that restored entity going to be found again?

This is the confusing part for me… Because Emby might make a random media player out of a Samsung TV like media_player.emby_samsung_tv319uts65 or some such nonsense, which isn’t descriptive. If I edit the entity to media_player.emby_john_doe_bedroom_tv it seems to create these lost and restored entries. Keeping track of them is painful if you have a lot of people connecting, and it creates a ton of junk entries.

So I never know what is really orphaned, or if ALL the restored ones should just get squashed.

I have no idea about the Emby integration, sorry.

If you feel it has an issue you can open a new one here:"integration%3A+emby"

If however you want to suggest an improvement please do that here: