RESTREAMER integration for HA

Requesting out of the box integration with RESTREAMER (Installation Linux - Restreamer)

I understand there are some struggles and troubles with using RTSP streams in browsers, particularly tablets and can result in 5-10+ second delays.

I have been using this to date and it does the job but I understand this doesnt work on iPhone

… today I stumbled across and installed RESTREAMER(open source) docker container with fancy UI to restream an RTSP feed and then create a custom HTML file with the iframe code in the html5 player. I now have (EDIT: 1-2 second) lag with immediate load time by adding a lovelace webpage card and pointing to the HTML. This will also allow access to a stream from multiple devices

This has allowed me to have my doorbell button tell my Amazon FireHD 10 running Fully Kiosk to change to the /front-door view in HA and immediately see whose there.

The only downside I see is 1 docker container per stream and is a little bit CPU intensive