Resume Youtube Music on Google Hub after TTS or CAST interruption

Problem: If Youtube Music (specifically) is playing and there is an TTS or cast interruption, the music will stop after the interruption is done.

Conditions: I don’t have Youtube music premium, all the music was initiated by voice command to the Hub, issue is specifically for Youtube Music, noting is playing from playlist or stored songs.

Work so far: I spent weeks searching online for a solution to resume the Youtube Music but no luck. I tried ’ yTube Music Player’, ‘Music Assistant’, scripts from ‘TheFes’ which are good for Spotify and Youtube video etc. Only solution I found is that, I can save the content_id and resume the same song but Google Hub will not continue to next song (next song is not playlist, it is random song played by Youtube Music).

…Is there a script and solution anyone to resume Youtube Music after interruption (not premium account)?