Retrieve deleted Lovelace script

hello, there is now one month I installed HA on my Raspy.
At that time I didn’t knew what is a raspy and so H.A.
I asked many questions and found some answers with some members knowledges.
I recently delete my Floorplan in Lovelace and could not find a easy solution to retrieves my scripts.
I just want to share with you the way a member just learn me:

  • I’m on Mac OS X
  • I download one of my auto backup from H.A
  • unzip home assistant.tar.gz
  • open the folder named homeassisant/data
  • display hidden folders and files : “command” + “shift” + “.”
  • open folder “storage”
  • Copy file named " Lovelace" on local
  • open Terminal on the Mac
  • type cd “space” and then drag and drop the file “Lovelace” to Terminal screen to get the path automatically
  • enter « chmod 666 lovelace »
  • it switch the file into read/write mode vs exec
  • then just open the file and all the script is inside…magic

I’m sure some of you know the trick, but I’m just happy to share what someone just teach me and maybe can help …:slight_smile: