Retriving tts as text sensor

Is there a way to get text output from conversation into text sensor? Or there is other way to display message to for example awtrix screen? I dont want to use speaker for that

Tts is text to speech, so you just need to remove the last part.
You need to be more specific what you have and how it’s setup.
But short answer, yes you can do that

I have set pipeline working, for voice commands I am using wyoming satellite on rpi zero 2w. And I want to get responses on awtrix screen aa text which are sent by mqtt

Ok so it’s not TTS it’s the response from a voice command.
Not sure about this.
I think I saw someone having that on the voice contest on a tablet or S3 box

Yep I saw that too. On esp satellite it would be easier, but I want to use it with wyoming satellite on rpi zero. Maybe some mqtt to send output or something, but I dont know how to figure it out. I would need an assistance for that :frowning: