Reusable Docker supervisor

Hi all,
I’ve developed and aquarium controller, that runs on Docker and RaspberryPi. Recently, I started automating my house with and got pleasantly surprised with such a nice architecture, specially the Docker orchestration to manage core and add-ons container.
Also, my project has a lot of similar functionality, which is a pain to maintain and distracts me from the main goal to control an aquarium.

Needless to say it would help a lot of I was able to use hassio’s docker supervisor to manage my project. I can also see it being extremely helpful for anyone building other private cloud and iot projects with docker.

So, is there a way to reuse docker supervisor container without home assistant itself?
Is this separation something you look forward in the architecture?
If not, would you recommend another similar open source project?

I have already started getting acquainted with the code and would like to offer a pair of hands, if such a change is welcome.

Franklin Dattein

It is all open source, you can do what you like with it (within the licence, which is very liberal).

I really like HassOS and the idea of the supervisor. The fact Homeassistant is integrated so deeply smells bad :frowning: That’s why I started to work on a supervisor which is not bound to Homeassistant. Please have a look at this branch. (not tested)