Reverse slider display

Hi guys,

I have 2 curtains in my bedroom - they open/close in the opposite direction.
Is there a way to reverse the display of one of the sliders to make it more intuitive to use?

Afaik this is not possible with the standard cards, but if you change this in a feature request, I’d certainly vote for it.

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Perhaps you can target the specific slider in CSS using a unique ID/class and rotate the slide 180 degrees?

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That is actually a very good suggestion, with card mod that would probably work perfectly.

Agree, good suggestion for those who know CSS :slight_smile: will take me some time to figure this out.

I’m pretty sure I am not alone who has curtains opening from left to right - having an option to reverse the slider display would be a great thing to have

See here:

And apply that to the wrapper around the slider, or the specific slider itself…