Revert lights to previous setting after automation

I’m using the Team Tracker integration to change a couple of TP-Like Kasa bulbs to the team color when the team score sensor is triggered. What I’d like to do is revert to the normal 60% white light after a set period of time. I’ve tried adding a delay, and either calling the “light on” or “light toggle” services, but it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried creating a scene for it to call, but that doesn’t work, and the scene section doesn’t seem to allow you to set specific parameters from what I can tell. Any suggestions? Current YAML below:

alias: 9ers score

  • platform: state
    • sensor.sf_team_tracker
      attribute: team_score
  • condition: template
    value_template: >-
    {{ trigger.to_state.attributes.team_score | int >
    (trigger.from_state.attributes.team_score | int ) }}
  • service: light.turn_on
    transition: 14
    - 245
    - 10
    - 10
    brightness_pct: 100
    mode: single

Just following up. I was able to solve this by using a custom scene. I just added the lights to the scene in the state that I wanted them in. Added a delay, then a call for that scene, and it works like a charm.

I am looking to create a similar automation to set a scene that controls a wled string when my team scores. then go back to previous scene (or any pre-defined scene after a short time) can you share any other details?