RFlink, Somfy and Home Assistant - Help needed

Hello everyone,

before posting I made my research but I didn’t find an answer so, apologies, I am a newbie for Home Assistant.

In the apartment I am renting I have Somfy controlled blinds, after some research it appears they are controlled through RTS and for that I bought the RFlink kit from nodo-shop (https://www.nodo-shop.nl/en/rflink-gateway/195-rflink-43342-somfy-rts-arduino-antenne-usb-cable.html).

I plugged into Home Assistant, configured

# rflink
  port: /dev/ttyACM0

The port is the one I saw from the events but if there is a better way to identify/confirm it would be great. Port aside, what is next to do? Map the various control using this guide: https://www.letscontrolit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=17952#p17952 ?

Thanks in advance to everyone who can support me and I apologies for stupid questions

Let’s see if I can help you.
The first thing is to configure the RFLink. This part is best done from the PC. The letscontrolit.com link has good information on how to do it.
Once you are able to control the covers from the PC, it will be easier to configure everything in HA.

My version of HA exposes the USB ports also “by_id”. Also, this port does not change even if you connect the RFLink to another USB, so if possible, it’s the recommended way. The format is something similar to:

  • /dev/serial/by-id/usb-1a86_USB2.0-Serial-if00-port0

Once we have the RFLink configured and the port in HA, we must configure the domain.
For this you have the documentation in the following link:

In the end you should have something like the following:

  - platform: rflink
        name: my_cover
          - rts_3b543f_01

Once you have everything configured and you have restarted, you should have the new entity available.