RFXcom Configuration

Hello Trying to add my Rfxcom into HAOS

Configured the hardware for ADlightwave, install the integration

followed the instructions ie copied this code from the integration page into the options card

and all i get is a message saying “Invalid event code”

Can anyone help or advise what I am missing\doing wrong please, thanks

Does your rfx support this (I guess so but still asking)… and what instructions did you follow, did you enter the code or ? learning mode
Example: I have one device using this : “071a000001040400”

thanks for the reply, I believe it does support, I used the instructions on the HA RFxcom integration page
above but maybe I need to generate an event code elsewhere but I dont know how or where,

Anyone know how I can get\generate an event code, not sure why the one in the RFXcom integration page doesnt work


This is a note I made 1.5y ago and used it once which worked, not sure where I got the generateId.py code… and never used it again

python generateId.py -t Lighting1 -s ARC -p A,3

EDIT: I have no access to my system so neither do I know if I still have it nor can I cannot copy it…try a search

ok thanks I’ll give this a go

Nope, same message invalid event code

share the code please…no clue what you are entering

maybe this is what I am not understanding

this is what I put in the event code box

  1. python generateId.py -t Lighting1 -s ARC -p A,3

then I tried

  1. -t Lighting1 -s ARC -p A,3

both gave invalid event code

I dont get why this is so difficult I must be missing some fundamental step or understanding

The plugin\integration for Vera was easy to install, so easy a 5 year old could do it…which is probably why I managed it ok :wink:

Thanks for the replies so far

Still…what is the code you used at the start…when you got the error, I cannot guess what you entered

Hi this is obvs where I am going wrong I tried the 2 codes below separately and neither worked

  1. python generateId.py -t Lighting1 -s ARC -p A,3

  2. -t Lighting1 -s ARC -p A,3


A example code looks like : 071a000001040401

Sure but I dont know how to generate the example code, where does it come from how do I generate it

this is what I’m missing ;-(

If you use generateId.py (link below)

python3 generateId.py  -t Lighting1 -s ARC -p A,3

this kicks back



BUT…this is meant as an example.
for your lightwave it should be something like this (without the spaces)
0a14000 100 bc0f 10 100f70

Link to generateId.py

RFXcomIdGenerator/generateId.py at master · Sennevds/RFXcomIdGenerator (github.com)

Ah ok, thats starting to make sense now, thank you

No probs… struggled myself as well in the past (still)

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Ok cracked it now, I didnt realise you could create an event code from the RFX manager Duhhhhh
Got my first light on now! :wink:

Thanks for sticking with me on this!