RFXCOM LAN with Somfy roller blinds

I currently use HA to control my Connexoon RTS and 2 roller blinds but am looking at removing the cloud connection. RFXCOM now market a RFXtrxLAN with a RFXtrx433XL transceiver installed (RFXtrxLAN). This looks interesting as I could connect it to the LAN near the blinds as my HA box is in another area of the house. I’ve looked at the RFXCOM integration which looks like it’s for a USB connection so the big question for the experts - is there a way that anyone can think of to connect from the LAN to HA? Thanks for your help.

Configure the RFXtrxLAN with TCT/IP in YAML config file :
host: “IP”
port: 10001

for example host:

Thank you for providing the info @b_weijenberg, I will now go ahead and purchase the RFXtrxLAN as it looks like this can be used. Probably after the New Year so at some point I’ll report back on how it goes.