RFXtrx binary sensor setup issue in hassio

Hi everyone,

just moved over to hassio on my raspberry pi 2. I have setup the RFXtrx hub in my configuration file and when i add the below I do see my motion sensor.

binary_sensor :
platform: rfxtrx
automatic_add: True

the issue i have is i now what to rename it and then add the 5 second off delay as its a motion sensor so only sends an on signal.

in Hassio i can change the name and device type under the configuration section and this works. but cannot get the delay to work. I have tried to add the below into the configuration.yaml file but when i restart the pi and home assistant it then does not show the sensor at all.

platform: rfxtrx
automatic_add: True
name: motion_hall
device_class: motion
seconds: 5

Does anyone have any advice on this. I have also tried to put this in the customization.yaml but again nothing.

Any advice would be great as i am running out of things to try.