RFXtrx Cover BOFU EY1612 (rollertroll)


Has anyone been able to use the BOFU EY1612 tubular motor together with the RFXtrx in Home Assistant?

If I use RFXmanager software and activate blinds T0 protocol I can recieve/send commands and control the motor, but since no other protocol works at the same time as T0 it’s kind of a dead end.

Anyone have any idéas on how to continue with a way of getting this to work? I’m running my homeassistant on Ubuntu inside a pyton virtual environment if thats important to know

Attached a print of the output when using the t0 protocol to send commands to the motor.

Link to the motor

Use BlindsT0 only to receive the remote code once.
After this enable the protocols you need, except BlindsT0. For transmitting any protocol you don’t need to enable a protocol. The BlindsT0 remote is not received now.

So how do I configure HA to actually send the commands?

I don’t know how to implement this but hex data with ID 19A5 and unit 03 is:
Open 09 19 00 03 00 19 A5 03 00 00
Close 09 19 00 04 00 19 A5 03 01 00
Stop 09 19 00 05 00 19 A5 03 02 00
Confirm/Program 09 19 00 06 00 19 A5 03 03 00