Rfxtrx device is switch or dimmer

At the moment you can’t define if a rfxtrx light is dimmable or not.
So if you have a light in HA connected through a rfxtrx switch, you’ll always have a dimmer.
Even if the light is not dimmable because the switch is only on/off.
And it’s also that the bulb itself can’t be dimmed which might want you to have it show up as just a on/off light in HA.

You could add the on/off lights as switches in HA and then customize them to look like lights in the frontend, but in the background they’ll still be switches and they’ll not show up as lights in Homekit through homebridge.

It would be nice to have a customize setting or rfxtrx light setting to set it to be an on/off or dimmable light.

This FR is a follow up on this topic: Configure if rfxtrx device is switch or dimmer

Case is already solved:

One example here

I can confirm it works with Nexa dimming solutions.

Case is NOT resolved.
See here: Configure if rfxtrx device is switch or dimmer