RFXtrx ID for packet type Fan subtype siemens SF01

Hi all,

I would like to inplement the lights of my extractor hood into home assistant but I haven’t found a way to convert the ID that is given by RFXmng into the RFXtrx ID that’s needed for home assistant.

Packettype    = Fan
subtype       = Siemens SF01
Sequence nbr  = 3
ID            = ACF8 decimal:44280
Command       = Light
Signal level  = +10 dBm 

I tried adding the following ID but that doesn’t seem to work.

08 17 00 03 00 AC F8 06 00

(without spacing)

To be clear, I only want the light on/off command to be controlled via HA and not the Fan speed.

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Did you get this working? I also have a Siemens SF01 I would like to integrate with home assistant.

Any update of this topic ?