RFXtrx specific query, inverted blinds up down

So, have had my blinds working for a few years no worries, just migrating to a docker instance of HA at the moment, trying to remember a few things, digging up old info, etc etc, have got a weird problem where on the new docker container version of HA, (which is Home Assistant 0.102.3),
my old RPI workhorse is on virtual env at (Home Assistant 0.65.6)

can not really see a reason as to why it would be inverted, literally, up is down and down is up for the cover for the blinds, and being mid migration i figure i’d rather get this sorted before getting much further,

config is equal to the old configuration.yaml for the rfxtrx, copy/paste, and as above, works, just backward, if anyone has come across this let me know, not actually sure what extra info to even provide, but let me know if specific info would be beneficial

are you using 2 different RFXTrx? If so are they on the same firmware version?
Can you also share your config for the RFXTrx definition and your curtain definition?

Just the one unit, I’ll post it all this evening

unit info

Firmware version = 1024
Firmware Type = Ext2
Transmit power = 10dBm
Hardware version = 1.3 RFXtrx433E

snippet of blind list
#RFXTRX module enable

device: /dev/ttyUSB0
debug: true


  • platform: rfxtrx
    0919060300001FF00000: # RFY
    name: All Blinds Front
    09190603002A1FF00000: # RFY
    name: All Blinds Rear
    091906031122DDC10000: # RFY

its a copy paste from my RPI configuration.yaml

for now i’ve just reverted to a backup on my RPI and plugged the RFX unit back into that so at least all of the other things work for the minute.

not sure what’s going on. Do you by chance use template switches?

damn, nope dont use anything extra other than the basic covers

Guess as a temp workaround, you could always create a template switch to drive your blinds?
Stupid question: what happens if you try the 0.65.6 docker container on your new machine? Does it work like it does on the old Pi?

yeah its looking like i might have to do the template switch situation, i can try the older docker container, i expect that it will just work, will see if i get to doing that.

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