Rfxtrx switch sometimes turns on with HA restart

Hi there - I’ve got two gen 1 LightwaveRF 433 mains switches managed via a Rfxtrx box. I also have a large number of gen 1 LightwaveRF light switches managed by the same box.

Sometimes–without any apparent cause or pattern–one of the mains switches (Cabinet Switch in the example config below) will turn on when I restart HA. Both the state in the frontend and the actual switch turn on. BTW, gen 1 LightwaveRF switches do not report their state back to HA, so it’s possible that the frontend state and the actual state get out of sync. I think that’s not relevant to this issue.

Of the two mains switches and ~18 light switches, Cabinet Switch is the only one that ever exhibits this behavior.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Relevant part of switches.yaml:

# LightwaveRF switches
- platform: rfxtrx
  automatic_add: false
  signal_repetitions: 3
      name: Garden Sonos
      name: Cabinet Switch