Rfxtrx Weather Station Problems

Hi Everybody,

i have a problem with my Weather Station from Auriol. I found it with the automatic_add: true command in Rfxtrx sensors. Everything fine. I insert it in my configuration.yaml as follows:

- platform: rfxtrx
    automatic_add: True
        name: Temperature Garden
        fire_event: True
         - Humidity
         - Temperature

So far, so good. It displays the correct temperature and humidity and after 1 Minute it switches all sensor data to zero. This lasts 1 Minute than it displays the correct sensor data. After 1 Minute it shows Zero data and so on and on and on…

Can someone reproduce this error in HA? Is it a problem with Rfxtrx or with the frontend?

For any help thx in advance :slight_smile:

Hi There

Did you resolve this? I have just picked one up from my local Lidl and if they work well will get a few more

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