RFXTRX433 not showing entities

I’ve installed Hassio and have it up using Z-wave, HomeKit, etc. on a Raspberry Pi 4. I am having a devil of a time getting it to work with my RFXTRX433, though. I only use it with my blinds (Blinds0), but I cannot get any entities to appear (manual or automatic).

I’ve enabled everything in configuration.yaml as directed in the RFXTRX hub and RFXTRX cover integration articles. I even used RFXmngr to parse out the packet and try to get the entity to work manually. I updated the RPi firmware to try to eliminate that as a cause. I can see the device under Hassio hardware info (CLI and GUI) so it seems as though, at a system level, the device is properly connected. Just not getting any comms into Hassio.

Any ideas? How can I verify the device is not only connected, but properly exposed to the Hassio container? I know the device is fine: in RFXmngr, I can see the device and button presses on my remotes.

Thanks for any help you might offer,

I’ve been looking in the entities list in Configuration to see if the blinds show up there. They do not. However, I looked in the Developer tools under States and it lists the entity there! The state says “unknown” but it’s there (cover.Office_Blinds). So how do I get it to show in the entities list?

Basically, I’ve verified (via debug logging) that the RFXTRX433 is present, connected, working and transmitting data. Hassio sees the button presses and captures the packet. However, automatic add does not work, and manually added device IDs don’t show up either.

Bizarre. I can add the entity to the Lovelace interface, even control the blinds, but it will not show up in the entities list under Configuration. I guess this is solved…but shouldn’t the entity show up everywhere there is an entity list?

this is interesting. Is this still happening? I’m also struggling with rfxtrx entities not popping up :frowning:

do you guys know if there is anyway I can retrieve only a list of entities created due to any specific technology like rfxtrx in this case?

Not all integrations (including rfxtrx) show up under configuration -> entities. You should see them however under developer tools -> states.

As explained by @francisp, it is normal that it only shows up at developer tools —> states. The reason is that the rfxtrx integration is not yet supporting a so called ‘config flow’. The config flow is making it possible to add integrations via the setting —> integrations menu and seeing them in the entities menu.

Config flows were added later to home assistant. This has not been added to the rfxtrx component (and a lot of other integrations). So, remember, the states menu is the only menu that is showing all your entities.

Thanks @francisp ! is there anyway I can tell rfxtrx apart from the rest? I’m trying to integrate a temperature sensor and the rest of the entities seem to keep getting in the way :frowning:

What is the problem exactly ?

One of my 433Mhz sensors is acting up on me. It is a wind sensor but home assistant recognizes it as a temperature sensor. It is really giving me a hard time. I just want to quickly check if the entity has been created by HA or not, and currently it is not possible to spot it.