RFXtrx433XL Somfy Pairing

Hi everybody,

my appoligy if this question is already answered, but apparently i couldnt find the correct answer.

I have bought the RFXtrx433XL to control my Somfy roll shutters and my Somfy screen, but i’m not able to get it working. It wont pair.

What have i done:

  • I have connected the RFXtrx433XL to my laptop
  • downloaded and installed the RFXmngr
  • conected the RFXtrx433XL and the RFXmngr
  • On tab ‘RFY’ I have selected an random ID and unit code and set the command to program
  • on the back of the somfy remote pressed the program button 2 seconds untill the somfy device reacts by going down and up a bit.
  • in the RFXmngr I pressed transmit. The RFXmngr says the command is transmitted by the somfy device doesnt respond. It does nothing. I would except that the screen would go down and up a bit to state the pairing succeeded, but that doesnt happen.

What might be the problem? (cant upload my screenshots. sorry)

With great thanks in advance,