Riemann sum sensor is switching to unavailable. Why?

I have a Riemann sensor

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.myenergi_wallbox_power_ct_internal_load
    name: Wallbox ENERGY_COUNTER
    unique_id: unique_id_integration_sensor_wallbox_energy_counter
    round: 1
    method: left

above this entity from a wallbox:


State is still 0 but not upated (for some hours now), because it is 0 outside loading time of the wallbox.

The problem is, that this Riemann sum is switching to unavailable then



So it seems that if there is no update/confirmation that the source is still 0, instead of just letting the Rieman sum in his value it is switching to unavailable.

As I don’t have this in any other Riemann sum sensors, I wonder, where could be the problem here?

No errors in the log and (as far as ican see) no differences to other non-updating sources.

Seems to be a known issue:

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Thx. Didn’t find them before.

Someone should supply the requested debug logs.