Ring Arm Mode Change after Core 2024.6.0 Update

I have had a relatively basic grid style alarm panel card set up for a while now to automatically arm and disarm my Ring system from HA. All has worked well until today when I installed Core 2024.6.0. Now when I attempt to arm the system, I get the following error:

square: false
type: grid
columns: 1
  - states:
      - arm_home
      - arm_away
    type: alarm-panel
    entity: alarm_control_panel.newcastle_alarm
    name: Ring System
  - states:
      - arm_home
      - arm_away
    type: alarm-panel
    entity: alarm_control_panel.aarlo_location_home
    name: Arlo System
  - type: entities
      - entity: siren.aarlo_all_arlo_sirens
      - entity: switch.newcastle_alarm_siren
        icon: mdi:bullhorn
        name: All Ring Sirens
      - entity: siren.aarlo_newcastle_left_front_siren
        name: Arlo Left Front Siren
      - entity: siren.aarlo_newcastle_left_alley_siren
        name: Arlo Left Alley Siren
      - entity: siren.aarlo_newcastle_right_side_siren
        name: Arlo Fence Siren
    title: Sirens

Any ideas on if I can re-configure this to allow me to arm the system without a pin? If not, how would I go about writing a script to include my pin and the arm/disarm signals and tie it back to the alarm card?


I had the same problem, I had to restore the backup!!! I’m using SPC integration for my SPC alarm.

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I may wind up doing that, but in typical “me” fashion I’ve made tons of changes since installing the new Core that I don’t want to re-do my work haha. Hoping for a simple solution