Ring switches (and other changes)


I’ve made a pull request to the ring component to allow you to control and flood lights and sirens for your ring devices, but this is the first contribution I’ve tried to get into the component store and I could really do with a few testers.

This version also changes how all the other components poll for data. At the minute sensors and things would update the same data multiple times, this tries to centeralise that to the hub

If you want to try it out please grab the files from here: https://github.com/rossdargan/hass-ring-doorbell and place them in your custom_components folder.

The only things you might need to change are to remove the scan_interval from the camera platform if you have added it (you can add scan_interval now to the component configuration) and you should add a

  - platform: ring

to add the new switches.

Please let me know if everything works ok for you!