RM Mini 3 Setup/Help Questions

Hi all, I purchased a RM mini 3 and have it setup up with my audio receiver via the app.

I wanted to add it to HA and am having difficulty.

I added, per the docs:

# Broadlink RM3
  - platform: broadlink
    mac: 'C8:F7:42:75:FC:EC'
    type: rm_mini

…but nothing shows up in integrations. Was I foolishly hoping devices I configured in the app would automatically appear in HA and this would be easy? :smiley:

Well, okay, if not. But then in another thread it said:" from the servies menu use the broadlink.learn to get the codes… broadlink.learn_command_SHOULD_BE_THE_BROADLINK_IP Aim that remote and press the button to learn this will create a persistent message in HA front end".

I see no persistent message anywhere when I try this.


type: "rm_mini"

mine it works this way

Thanks, I tried both with and without quotes. Nothing. Nothing shows up in persistent states with broadlink.learn

I fired up Broadlink Manager on my PC and got the raw base 64 data for a command and used broadlink.send from services and it works perfectly. So, that tells me HA is talking to my RM3.

I found another thread where a couple of users have issues with broadlink.learn in 0.100.2. I think something is broken.

broadlink.learn is currently broken, see here.

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I don’t know if that helps but for rm mini I currently use the following and it is working great.