Roborock Integration - Getting Room Numbers via Miio command line

I’ve been following the details on how to use the Linux miio command line interface to interrogate my Roborock vacuum.

I’m using a raspberry pi to run the commands.

I can get details from the vaccum using the mirobo and miiocli commands, however when I use the following example command from the HA documentation, I get a command not found reply from bash:
miio protocol call get_room_mapping

Naturally none of the other miio commands work.

I’m a bit confused as to the difference between using mirobo miio and miiocli commands. I’m by no means a Linux expert, so perhaps there is something I am not understanding.

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I took the easy way out - just use app_segment_clean with rooms starting at 16, and see where it goes.

It’d be nice if someone could answer this question as once again the documentation provided by an integration is out of date.

EDIT: I seem to have discovered the correct format but got nothing back but empty brackets.

miioclio vacuum --ip [vacuumIP] --token [vacuumToken] get_room_mapping

I’ve gotten this to work per the documentation but it returns a list of the rooms in a room number and room ID format, but the room ID is a numerical value and not the name I provided in the Mi Home app so I have no idea which room it is. This is with the Roborock S7.


Have you solve this.
I have same problem. I get

Running command get_room_mapping

I can´t send my roborock.vacuum.s5 to room …

When you leave default names for the rooms like room1, room2, room3 etc. then this list is empty

Running command get_room_mapping

If you set names for rooms in the app then you will get items in the list for example I’ve named 3 rooms:

Running command get_room_mapping
[[16, '7001019359'], [17, '7001067760'], [18, '7001067761'],