Roborock integration & scripts

Hi there.
I’ve just got my new Roborock S8 pro and successfully install it using HACS. Everything works perfectly!
The only problem I have - I need some scripts to touch from outside to run room clean.
In a Card Configuration I am able to select room and Copy Service Call. It gives me a code :

  "domain": "xiaomi_miio",
  "service": "vacuum_clean_segment",
  "serviceData": {
    "segments": [
    "entity_id": "vacuum.roborock_s8_pro_ultra"

But I don’t understand how to make a script with this service call. Please help.
Thanks in advance,

Hi, I did this:

  - service: roborock.vacuum_clean_segment
      segments: 18
      entity_id: vacuum.pinuccio
mode: single
alias: Pulizia disimpegno
icon: mdi:robot-vacuum