Roborock / Mi Robot Room Clean Repeats

I’m using the vacuum.send_command service to clean a room. Works great!

I’m using it with the following service data:

{"entity_id": "vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner", "command":"app_segment_clean", "params":[20]}

20 is the room identifier for my kitchen. Is there a possibility to define the repeats for cleaning the room as described for this different command?

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Has anyone found any way to accomplish this? It seems that the native mi home app it allows setting iterations (or repeats) on the room cleaning commands. Maybe the python miio api needs to be updated?

I just found out that sadly this doesn’t work. It feels much easier to clean rooms than to define zones myself.

Is it still not possible to choose repeats on segment cleaning?

Something changed?

service: vacuum.send_command
  command: app_segment_clean
    - segments:
        - 16
      repeat: 2
  entity_id: vacuum.robotname

Put this service call straight on f.i. a lovelace button and off you go cleaning repeats.
Segment 16 is the number of the Room that needs to be cleaned, check the app for your number.