Roborock S5 max - Add features to integrations

I just got my Roborock S5 Max and there a couple of things I am hoping could be implemented into the existing Xiaomi Miio Integration.

Firstly, from withing the Mi Home app, it is possible to set custom vacuum power settings per room, and when a full vacuum is started, these custom settings are remembered on a per room basis, rather than just setting “balanced” or “turbo” for the entire home.

I’ve realised that when I set this in the app, HA shows the vacuum power setting as “106”.
Now I can manually enter this when calling the service to set the vacuum power, but it would be nice if “custom” was an option in the power settings.

Especially when using the Custom Xiaomi Lovelace card, it would appear in the drop down menu.

Secondly, it would be amazing if we could set the Water level via HA. The s5 max, s6 Max and the new s7 all have the ability to electronically control the water level from the app. Be nice if this function was added to HA.

Just adding that as a new S7 owner it would be great if both the water flow and the deep clean function were integrated. From what I can tell both are already part of the underlying python-miio tool. They just need to be brought into the home assistant integration.

Mop Mode:

Water Flow:

WaterFLow would be awesome for S5 Max