Roborock s5 sends message of Error 1 but nothing is wrong with laser sensor

My roborock s5 stops working in the middle of cleanup and sends an Error 1 message. I check and there’s nothing wrong with the laser sensor (is not stuck or anything, like the Error1 explanation sais). First time it was durring warranty, so I sent it to the dealer’s repair shop. It came back and on the warranty cerificate was written “software reinstallation.” Few months after, same error, sent to repair shop, came back with same notice on the warranty certificate. Few months later (now) same thing happened. Has anyone experienced this? I’m planning to send it back to dealer’s repair shop, but this time I’ll ask them to replace it with a new one, as it seems it is a faulty device. Not sure if they’ll accept though, as warranty period ended.

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It’s not even home assistant related. You would be better of asking on the manufacturer support forums.

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