Roborock vacuum, how do I interrupt "going back to dock"?


my roborock s55 works great so far with

Ideally I want to be able to start several vacuum jobs and have them executed on after the other.
In this case there should be no reason for it to go back to the dock between these queued jobs.
And this is where I am trying to refine it.

Although once the vacuum is done it will go into “going back to dock” mode. Nothing surprising there…
It seems it cant be interrupted with other commands once in “returning home” status.

Once it gets to the docking station it enters the “charging status” - now I am able to issue new commands.

Here is the list of commands Ive tried in order to interrupt it during its “returning home” status.


Nothing works.


I have same issue, did you find a solution ?

No…sadly did not

Maybe test it on different firmware ?

Ok, i got it to work. It works for me sending pause while it goes back to the dock then i can send it to clean another zone.

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May ask what’s your use case?

The use case is typically as following :

  1. Ask Vacumm (V) to go to coordinate using service vacuum.send_command and the command app_goto_target
  2. Check if V has reached the coordinate by using wait_template to have V change it’s state to Idle
  3. When reached ask V to do a vacuum.xiaomi_clean_zone.

You could argue that you can just ask V to vacuum.xiaomi_clean_zone without going to coordinate but i have seen that the Xiaomi V will have a much higher rate of success in rooms where things have changed if you go to coordinate close to the zone or even inside the zone then ask it to vacuum.xiaomi_clean_zone. If you have a house where vacuum.xiaomi_clean_zone work perfectly then you don’t have to bother with all of this and just use vacuum.xiaomi_clean_zone service. I have few rooms which have issues where i have used this.

Thanks for the clear explanation. I didn’t know it was possible to send area to the vaccum using HASS. It’s a great news! So all make sense.