Rock and a hard place

Yesterday I logged an issue re appDaemon and it was fixed, committed and merged within 25min! The trouble is I can’t run it. My system is ArchLinux and it has Python 3.9. AppDaemon doesn’t run with 3.9 - some change with asyncio. So I’ve been using docker images. Unfortunately I’m unable to build a new docker dev image because my environment doesn’t seem right in various ways.

I’m wondering if I could somehow trigger the building of a new docker dev image.

You do not need Docker: Keep Phyton 3.9 and install Python 3.8 additionally (e.g. from AUR with pacaur -S python3.8). Then create a Python 3.8 virtual environment (python3.8 -m venv …) and install AppDaemon in this venv.

Thanks that’s interesting and helpful. I’ve not discovered python (phyton is a good name too :slight_smile: ) virtual environments although I have seen them mentioned. I’ll give it a try; here goes…

A bit of a struggle but eventually got it work including using systemd. Thanks for your pointers - much appreciated.