Roku device (TCL 55S401) recognized by HASS but TV not showing up in Homekit (only remote)

Hi guys,

I’m pretty new to Home Assistant and I am trying to integrate my Roku TV to Homekit.

I know that my Roku is connected because I can control it from Home Assistant (although I haven’t tinkered with the lovelace interface so I can’t turn on/off the TV unless I choose a source like Netflix, but then I don’t have any directional buttons lol I still need help on that, but that’s a different topic)

The only thing I see on the Home app is the remote.55_tcl_roku_tv as a switch. I’ve tried to see if I could control it from the remote app on my iPhone (built-in from the control center) but it doesn’t recognize anything, keeps searching for Apple TV (which I don’t have). Can somebody help?

Here is a section of my configuration.yaml entry, hope it helps:

  - host:
      - media_player
      - light
      - switch
      - group
      - sensor
      - binary_sensor
      - remote
        - feature: on_off
        - feature: play_pause
        - feature: play_stop
        - feature: toggle_mute

Thanks in advance!