Roku Integration Offline Devices

I would like to see a feature request added to the Roku Integration that instead of “Failed Setup, will retry” when the device is offline it says “offline”. Some Roku TVs are not displayed because they are tried off and the same with some Roku Sticks. If the TV is off the power to the Roku Stick is not on due to the USB port not powered up. By changing it to an offline state the integration will not display an error.

Rokus Offline

I disagree. The error is consistent with exactly what’s going on.

The error message relates to the integration not the device. The integration failed setup because the device itself is offline. It doesn’t know why it is offline just that it can’t be reached. Therefore it’s failed setup and will retry.

Your Device entity should therefore either be unavailable (likely) or Offline based on how the roku integration handles it’s devices…

I see your point but if I turn on those to TVs they show up in the integration as alive. Once I turn them off they go back into the status above. Now I did think it was an integration setup issue so deleted it and then re-added them all while they were all powered on. All of them setup without any issues until I turned the Roku TV off and the TV with the Roku Stick connected to the TV’s USB. Then I got that same error again. There is nothing in the integration to say if off do this or that. Just thought it would be a good feature if it was not there. I ran through many tests before posting this too so in all cases it was a powered off issue that created the “failed setup, will retry” error. It disappears once the systems are turned on.

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I don’t use the Roku integration (yet) but it makes perfect sense to me that being offline is a legitimate state. A failed setup sounds like it never worked in the first place. The “will retry” part is technically correct, but unnecessary. Simply saying “offline” implies that HA knows about the device and is waiting for it to be back on line.

What’s happening behind the scenes in code, like waiting to re-run a setup routine, isn’t really something the user needs to think about. I agree that clear and technically correct error messages are important, but this isn’t an error condition.

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I agree with this FR.

I had a roku device turned off for a couple of months while the room it was in was being remodeled and the whole time I had the above “error” message even tho the device wasn’t in an error state.

I get the same behavior from my printer integration. My printer goes to sleep after a bit in eco mode and then the integration shows me an error 90%+ of the time.

I don’t know what the right answer is to solve this problem tho. it’s a tough one either way you go.

but for those who agree (including the OP) don’t forget to vote for it.