Roller blind driver hardware for existing dumb blinds

Hi community,

I am looking for cheap and best options to convert my existing roller blinds to smart. what are the best HW options available today. I looked at soma shades 2 but that runs on bluetooth and I am afraid that it will not cover that whole home in terms of range. I know there are other options available on that market such as tubular motor and pull chain driver but I am looking for recommendations which works on wifi or zigbee…

basically i would like to have

  1. Local control (such as ESPHome or Tasmota)
  2. Stable integration with HA
  3. Powerful enough to handle large roller shades
  4. If possible, allow manual control

All my windows have wires coming from a central point (it was originally wired for security alarms but i have wireless alarm). I could possibly use it for connecting 12V to blind motor.

appreciate your opinion…

Check the wires first. Or let an electrician check them for you. Most drivers will be 110 or 220volt. And the question is if the wires will be thick enough for the power needed.

These wires were meant for house alarm system and they can handle 12v Dc as I understand, they definitely can’t handle 230v which is the standard voltage rating here.