Room Assistant alternative for Bluetooth proxy

I’m trying to setup my Orange Pi Zero as a Bluetooth proxy, but room assistant seems abandoned, is there any alternative to room assistant on linux?

Room Assistant was pretty cool at first and I used it a lot but you have to really dial it in or you deplete your device batteries fast. I was using Apple Watches for it and it halved the battery time due to the constant BLE traffic.

The replacement is hardware and it’s evolving but here: MMWave. The problem with any method based on BLE proximity or motion sensors is that it’s not precise, where MMWave is actually actively sensing whats around it. It’s essentially radar and it is the same tech used in cars to know if you are getting too close to another vehicle.

I didn’t realize that RA had been abandoned, but a quick look on Git shows it’s not really be touched in two years and that could be because hardware is likely to render it obsolete soon (or has already, perhaps the dev decided that).