Round cpu load sensor

Hi there,

I’m using the cpu load sensor like this:

- platform: systemmonitor
    - type: disk_use_percent
      arg: /
    - type: disk_use
      arg: /
    - type: disk_free
      arg: /
    - type: memory_use_percent
    - type: processor_use
    - type: load_1m
    - type: load_5m
    - type: load_15m

All other sensors are shows fine, but the load sensors have way to many digits:

Is there an easy way to round these to 2 digits?

Create a template sensor then you can round it with the round function
Here is an example from my config

- platform: template
      entity_id: sensor.220d_mileage
      value_template: '{{((states("sensor.220d_mileage")|float)/1.609)|round}}'
      unit_of_measurement: 'mi'
      friendly_name: 220d Mileage
      icon_template: 'mdi:ruler'