Rpi_camera platform work with core-2021.7, but stop workinh with 2021.8

I used a pi camera v1.3 attached on the pi 4 running hassOS. It had worked fine untill core 2021.8 released. I dont know why, even if the documentation said that rpi_camera platform support only home assistant core, i really used it for a long time with hassOS.

This is my configuration.yaml

#Pi cam rpi_camera: timelapse: 1000 image_width: 2592 image_height: 1944 horizontal_flip: 1 vertical_flip: 1 image_quality: 100 file_path: "/config/www/pi_cam/image.jpg" overlay_timestamp: "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"

I have also changed 2 file in the boot partion of pi4 for booting up the camera ( follow an instruction i dont remember exactly)
Im using pi cam normally with core 7.4 and hassOS, here the picture

exactly the same happened to me. not sure how to get it back :frowning:

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Fixed now :smiley:

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