Rpi cover controller for tubular rollershutter motor (Somfy or similar)

I just noticed absence of two-directional roller-shutter motor cover component. These motor’s:

  • have 3 power wires (Neutral, Up, Down) and PE (security) wire,
  • rotating direction depends on to which wire power supply is actually connected,
  • have internal adjustable limit switch to stop at fullyopen/closed positions.

To control such a motor 2 relays are required, connected in such way that will prohibit simultaneously powering Up and Down directional wires. These relays can be controlled with Rpi, and there is no such native component (besides Command line cover) in HA. I had already added it for my installation, and eagerly would provide it to community (with usage instructions), if it conforms with development of HA.
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For interested in:
working component code is on GitHub as well as its documentation.
I will make pull request when I’m able to satisfy its requirements (tests etc.).
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I have the same requirements like you and tried your code in the actual Home Assistant.

Following Info I got:

HA “self.update_ha_state()” requested to update => “self.schedule_update_ha_state().”

Also the Status in Home Assistant will never Change and alsways stated unknown.

Do you have some ideas?

Thanks in Advance