RPI3 as Bridge between Spotify Connect and Airplay?

My question is mainly is this possible?
I currently have a raspberry pi 3 running hass.io controlling my smart home automations, and have homebridge running, effectively using homekit as the frontend for home assistant, through this, I have become aware of things such as mopidy, snapcast, and other raspberry pi (and home assistant integrated) based audio servers, however I don’t understand the complete capabilities of each one. If I were to setup another standalone RPI running one or more of these services, is it possible to achieve the following:

  • Spotify Connect integration (from anywhere), ie the RPI will show up as a device within the Spotify app
  • Airplay support (stream from the RPI to an airplay device such as an ATV, Airport device or most importantly a HomePod)
  • [as an extra] Multi-Room audio support before the release of airplay 2 (and support for it after its release perhaps?)

From googling, I believe the first one is possible, although I may be incorrect here too, I cannot find out, however, if there is a service that will stream music TO an airplay device, as such, bridging the gap between Spotify Connect and Airplay.

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This is something I have been looking for aswell. Found one solution so far, the android app called HiFy which makes airplay devices a virtual Spotify Connect device. But having a android device running just to host this app is troublesome, and its not very stable.

To have this integrated in hass like the airplay to chromecast addon would be awesome!

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I am looking for the same !

What about running the HiFy app in an Arc-welder docker container?
I have the same app on a spare device but its not ideal.