RPi4 Hassio Beta, any experience with it?

I’m currently running the RPi4 with Raspbian, but I would love to skip that, and just go with a HASSIO, but is it working properly yet? Or is it better waiting?

I’m using Hassio on RPi4 since yesterday no problem as now I can make the same as my RPi3b+

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Great, thankyou Thomas. I’ll give it a go…

Good to hear it works, did you go 32 bit or 64 bit?

Hello the version 32 on RPi4 With 2gb

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Very eager for this to come out of beta… I really really need the extra RAM.

The RPi 3B+ is barely enough for a medium size configuration, you install a few add-ons such as Unifi, Samba, Log viewer, SSH and Web Terminal, NGINX Proxy Manager and Google Drive Backup add-on and you’ll be using on average 75-80%, if it goes above 90% and sometimes the web interface goes down or the whole thing gets sluggish.

I turn off other add-ons all the time to conserve memory like the configurator or IDE, or I just uninstall them. Also I removed quite a few components as I was running out of RAM quite often. I know it has RAM management but it does some nasty things once it starts running out of RAM.

With this I can hopefully run PLEX and start adding more stuff.

I dont think that plex, transcoding and rpi4 is a good combi :hushed:, but I haven’t tried :wink:

Btw. running 64bit on 4 GB version of RPi4, with a 64 GByte SDCard, and an external MariaDB.

just as a side note, how did you set that up?

I have a NAS with a MariaDB, and then this in the configuration:

  db_url: !secret mysqlconnection
      - weblink
      - updater
      - group
      - input_boolean
      - input_number
      - input_select
      - input_player
      - weather
      - zone
      - sun.sun
  purge_keep_days: 14
  purge_interval: 9

In Secrets.yaml, I then have:

mysqlconnection: mysql://user:pw@ip/dbname?charset=utf8

thanks, only 1 question and Ill stop diverging this thread: anything particular in the MariaDB settings on the NAS to allow HA connection?

Nope, user and db, phpadmin has a funktion for crearing a db for s user, and grant the user full rights for it

I’ve been running it for a week on a 1GB model. So far so good! It’s very fast.

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I’m thinking on making the jump already. So is it ready for prime time? The Gigabit network adapter is a big deal for me.

Seems to be as ready as anything else we do. :slight_smile:

I’d say go for it!

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