Rpi4 rebooting randomly - HAS OS - Wifi driver problem? - how to do an apt update maybe?

My Rpi4 is rebooting at seemingly random moments the last couple of weeks. After my HA core install on SSD seemed to have died (because of the crashes/reboots?), since i needed to reinstall everything, i decided to try HAS OS edition. Although that seems to work fine, i still have the Rpi4 rebooting. I found RPi4: WiFi client crashes often (brcmf_fw_crashed: Firmware has halted or crashed) · Issue #3849 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub as possible cause. Now i’m looking for a way to access the Linux OS so i can try apt update / upgrade hoping it will fix the driver. But when i ssh into the Pi i’m stuck at a HASS CLI with no sudo etc.

Anyone has any tips?

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In hassos you are root already so sudo is not present as it is useless.

Also it is not debian or debian based, so why would you expect to find apt?

I am not sure how to update hassos, but I know you van. What version are you on.

Perhaps just stop using wifi. Friends don’t let friends use wifi for essential servers.

Thank you for your reply. I did not know how much of some sort of Linux was in hassos; coming from a core install i frequently updated the Pi OS and firmware to keep current. My Pi is wired, but wondered whether wifi (driver) is somehow causing the reboots. Basically i’m not even sure what the cause is and not found logging pointing to a cause :-(. I think i’m all on the latest versions core-2021.4.6, supervisor-2021.04.0, Home Assistant OS 5.13.

Odd then.

Screwed SD card?

If it was the SD, then 1st my SSD would have been the problem, and now a new quality SD? Not out of the question, but feels unlikely. I would have to look into whether/how i can measure/log the Rpi temp, but CPU hardly ever could over 5% (some spikes, some, i now see, to 100% for a very short time, but not around moments where the Rpi stops working), and has been fine for a long time.

Found some code to log Rpi temp. Currently is 60 deg celsius.

Anyone has any tips?