RPI4 supervisor has no dns configured


I have installed HA 64-bit on RPI 4 with image 9.4/haos_rpi4-64-9.4.img as latest available official image.

Installatin went smooth, but after booting, I am getting stuck as many others on “Preparing Home Assistant” after more than 20 min.

According to supervisor logs, there is no internet connection so after lots of retrying, supervisor exit.

The systme got IP via DHCP successfully and it is able to ping any host on the internet so there is not a problem with curren network.

After issuing command nmcli con edit “Supervisor eth0” I found that ipv4.dns is empty so I revmoe and set ipvr.dns to or local router and save, quite, host reboot… but, after rebooting, the ipv4.dns is missing again. Clearly it is not getting stored correctly.

I don’t know if ipv4.method syould be changed from auto to manual or something else to avoid loosing ipv4.dns on boot.

I have read lots of posts and found this procedure but it does not work.

Any help is appreciated. Best regards.