RTCGQ02LM mi bluetooth motion sensor take 2mins to clear motion

I consider myself as beginner in HA. I recently just migrate from Mi Home automation to Home Assistant. All working fine except Mi Motion bluetooth sensor take 2mins to clear motion status(in HA) while in Mi Home take less than 1min. I’m using “Xiaomi Gateway 3” from HACS to link the sensor to HA.

Detail as below
gateway: ZNDMWG03LM
motion sensor: RTCGQ02LM (bluetooth)

is that anyway to reduce this motion clear time from 2mins to 1min in HA?

I just figure out need to set the occupancy_timeout value in customize.yaml. I don’t know why HA not allow to set in configuration.yaml which come out error. Currently I set occupancy_timeout=5 which work perfectly as behavior seem like as in Mi Home apps.

Hi Nick24:

I have the exact same setup as you and I am using xiaomi Miot Auto integration to add those motion sensors into HA.

I have to pick the server location to China Mainland otherwise I won’t be able to find those sensors and I am using Automatic mode, which I guess picks Cloud mode. Local mode I can find those sensors in HA, but their entities become unavailable.

The issue I have is the latency from the motion to the light become up is too long. It takes ~30sec to 1min to get the final response. I am wondering if you see similar issue? Is that because I am using China Mainland server?

Hi Teng,
myself also connect to China Mainland, I don’t have latency at all, for motion sensors, you need use GitHub - AlexxIT/XiaomiGateway3: Control Zigbee, BLE and Mesh devices from Home Assistant with Xiaomi Gateway 3 on original firmware

Miot Auto having some issue with bluetooth motion sensors

Are you suggesting to flash this firmware to my XiaomiGateway3. I have a wifi RockRobert Cleaner on it.
Seems that this firmware supports Zigbee devices only.